A One-Day Symposium at Harvard University

held at

Real Colegio Complutense (26 Trowbridge St.)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Organizers: Nicholas Watson and Luis Girón-Negrón, with the assistance of Michelle De Groot

Sponsored by the Provostial Fund for the Humanities, the Medieval Studies Committee,

the Medieval English Colloquium, and the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures


Andrés Enrique-Arias’s medieval Spanish Bible website, searchable by chapter and verse across all surviving versions

Form and Function in the Late Medieval Bible: Abstracts from a conference held at Edinburgh in July, 2010

Website for “Holy Writ & Lay Readers. A Social History of Vernacular BibleTranslations in the Late Middle Ages,” ERC-funded research project from University of Gröningen

Website for “The Medieval Bible in Scotland,” Funded by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

Fordham University’s “French of England” website

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